Summer Programs

Tutoring Programs for summer school.Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring provides a mixture of summer courses along with tutoring services for every age and grade level. These summer courses are designed to enhance your student’s scholarly performance using progressive learning experiences. Signing up your student in our summer courses can make sure that they obtain the skill-sets and self-confidence they need to move on to more advanced courses, which they will certainly be taking in the following school year.

    • The Above Grade Level Math Transition Program is for soon-to-be 9th grade students. This scholastic tutoring program makes sure that the student is equipped to meet the more demanding course of study that they will certainly meet in high school.

    • The Pre-calculus Workshop for 11th and 12th grade students ensures that the student has the competencies needed for effectiveness in this demanding subject.

    • Our Writing Skills Workshop is for 9-12th grade students. This particular writing skills program makes certain that the student can write easily and proficiently. Good writing abilities are vital to success in life, school and a future professional career.

    • Above Grade Level Summer SAT Tutoring or ACT Prep programs make certain that each student possesses the skills and understanding required to perform at his or her best on these critical tests. These exams frequently determine qualification for access into the very best colleges. Performing well on the ACT or SAT examination can qualify your daughter or son for scholarships that will help pay for college.

Invest in your children’s future today by making certain they are ready to face the difficulties of the upcoming school year. Taking part in a summertime enrichment course can give your child the skills that they need to be successful as they continue to advance. Schedule your child to get involved in one of Above Grade Level’s summer programs. These programs are especially designed for students that hope to get a head start on the coming school year.


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