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SAT tutoring Tolland County and Hartford County.

Today, college entrance can be incredibly competitive, even with respect to accomplished and gifted students.
Scoring successfully on a college or university entrance examination, such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT, can certainly offer your son or daughter greater opportunities when they start applying to college. Our ACT and SAT prep methods offer your child the skills and advantage that they need to be successful. Working one-to-one with an Above Grade Level ACT or SAT prep tutor will definitely ready your son or daughter to score well on these examinations.



Our full fledged SAT and ACT practice tests are back by popular demand!


SAT Test Preparation and TutoringAbove Grade Level’s concept is to offer students free-of-charge, in depth SAT and ACT tests (using College Board SAT tests and the Barron’s ACT tests as reference).

Above Grade Level tutors proctor every test and takes the time to meet with each individual family to review their results. In the follow up meeting, we help identify areas of strength and weakness as well as offer relevant tutoring programs based on the results.

In addition to identifying areas of improvement, there are also advantages for high school students to go through the 4 hour practice test. Learning what to bring to the SAT or the ACT, organizing themselves, managing their time, approaching the questions and nibbling away at the anxiety related to taking exams are only a few of those subjects covered to prepare students.

When: Usually on a Saturday morning, from 8am to 12pm, mimicking the real test.

How to find a date: Please check our page “Events” for the next sessions, or contact us to enquire about a new one!



An affordable tutoring alternative to private sessions!


Small group review sessions help raise SAT scores!study12

SAT Students will:

    • Practice working out SAT problems
    • Learn from a small group of peers
    • Increase their speed and assurance when responding to SAT questions

When and What: We hold sessions with 2-5 students per session.
SAT Essay & SAT Critical Reading: Mondays 6-8pm
SAT Math: 4-6pm and 6-8pm on Wednesdays and Fridays; 10am-12pm on Saturdays. Math sessions coverModule 1 or Module 2: Module 1: Arithmetic Skills and concepts, Algebraic Methods and Word Problems. Module 2: Geometric Concepts and Reasoning, Special Problem Types, Algebra II.
Where: Star Hill Family Athletic Center, 100 Gerber Drive, Tolland, CT 06084
Cost: $40 per 2 hrs session.
How: In order to achieve the best possible results, all of our sessions are limited to 5 students. Contact Us via phone at (860) 985-4352 or email us today to reserve your spot in the next available session!


Above Grade Level SAT Tutoring – A Strategy for Success

The Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring PSAT, ACT and SAT prep methods are intended to furnish your son or daughter with the awareness and understanding needed to receive a better score when they take the real PSAT, SAT or ACT tests. Confidence begins when each student takes a realistic, full-length SAT exam or ACT exam. Your son or daughter’s SAT tutor will score and analyze the test results, they then will create a personalized study program formed around your childs’ individual strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to our private tutoring system, students will learn test-taking approaches in addition to skills to direct them through some of the most commonly confused concepts. Our tutors demonstrate to them the best ways to narrow down multiple choice questions, the best ways to manage examination time properly, and many other helpful hints to improve their chances at scoring higher than average on the exam. Our one-to-one tutoring system focuses on each student’s particular needs and learning style.


Above Grade Level SAT Tutoring – A Proven System

Our private tutoring system includes a collection of practice SAT and ACT exams created to make certain the student recognizes the kinds of questions they may expect to see on the real examination. This particular style of SAT tutoring supplies useful knowledge in applying their new test-taking techniques and understanding. Whether your daughter or son desires a tutor’s aid on the Math, Critical Reading, or Writing portions of the test, we will design a system that will replace any worry and lack of confidence with self-assurance and knowledge. Upon conclusion of our PSAT, ACT or SAT Prep tutoring, your young person will possess the strategies, experience, and awareness needed to improve their scores!



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