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Above Grade Level’s math tutors are tested and screened to make certain they are able to teach the studies appointed to them. Tutors either have university training in their field or are credentialed teachers. We teach both the foundations of math and advanced mathematical concepts to pupils at all grade levels. Our well-qualified math tutors understand, inside and out, all areas of math in which your daughter or son may require guidance.

Our expertly-developed curriculum works for students in all grades that need math tutors in Tolland County.


  • Kindergarten Math Tutoring
  • Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring
  • Algebra and Geometry Tutoring
  • High School Tutoring
  • Pre-calculus and Advanced Math Tutoring
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Our organized math help method is based on a standard math skills evaluation. This evaluation was developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley. The evaluation plainly pinpoints the particular areas in which an individual needs to have assistance or guidance. Following this, a tailored learning strategy is developed for the student. This strategy is designed to guarantee scholastic success as the student progresses throughout the program.
This math help program is the backbone for the in-home math tutor and instructional program. This program is carried out by our proficient math tutors who not only help with the scholastic topics, but also help your child to establish effective math study practices which generate confidence in their capabilities. Our math tutors also aid your son or daughter with the lessons they are presently taking to ensure prompt progress.


Kindergarten Math Tutors in Tolland and Hartford County

If your child is a new student in Kindergarten, discovering general arithmetic, our math tutors will help them develop a sound mathematics foundation. The Above Grade Level individual approach will definitely help your kindergartner form the self-esteem and skills needed to succeed in math. Your boy or girl will increase their understanding in counting and ordering numbers, recognizing and arranging objects of various shapes and types, and a lot more.


Elementary and Middle School Math Tutoring

In order to develop elementary and middle school math understanding, each student requires individual focus and attention. The Above Grade Level math tutor can help you determine your child’s unique competency level. Your child’s customized plan will reduce homework related anxiety while improving their performance in the classroom. Forming mathematics skills at an early grade level develops your child’s self-confidence and promotes their success.


High School Math Tutors

Strong skills in math are crucial for college bound high school students. Above Grade Level’s math tutors can help your young adult build a strong foundation in algebra and geometry, or become skilled in advanced math courses. Solid math abilities are also vital for any student considering Advanced Placement courses or college entrance preparation.

  • Calculus Tutors
  • Geometry Tutors
  • Algebra Tutors
  • Advanced Math Tutors
  • Pre-calculus Tutors
  • Call for More Math Help.

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