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Student benefiting from an Above Grade Level English tutor.

The ability to use solid communication skills is crucial for your child’s success in school as well as in their future lives. An English tutor provides students with a better understanding of the English language which can improve their options for learning and advancement in school. An Above Grade Level In-Home English tutor will help your daughter or son get ahead in their studies. Our one-to-one, in-home, professional tutoring covers all aspects of language arts and the English language.


  • Language Arts Tutoring
  • English Tutor
  • Reading Tutors
  • Reading Comprehension Tutoring
  • Writing Tutor
  • Spelling and Grammar Tutoring
  • Advanced Placement Tutoring
  • Phonics and Vocabulary Tutoring
  • And more.

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An Above Grade Level English tutor will help your child develop and understand the communication skills required to do well in any grade level. Whether your student is in Kindergarten or a senior in high school, our tutors will help them learn to communicate clearly and concisely.


Standardized Student Assessment

Our methodical approach to language tutoring is based on a standardized evaluation developed by professors at the University of California, Berkeley. The evaluation distinctly identifies the unique areas in which a student may need help and support. At that point, a customized learning strategy is developed for your student to guarantee academic results as they continue their studies. This plan is the foundation for the in-home instructional system guided by our expert tutors, that not only helps with the academic course, but supports your child as they acquire the powerful study habits needed to bring on confidence in their capabilities. Likewise, our tutors will assist your child with the classes they are already taking to guarantee immediate results.


Reading Tutor and Reading Comprehension Tutor

Fundamental to a student’s success in school is the capacity to read books at their grade level; likewise, it is critical that the pupil comprehends exactly what they are reading. The ability to read and understand what they have read unlocks many doors for students, as well as ensuring their future success.


Writing, Spelling, and Grammar Tutors

The capacity to write concisely and precisely enables pupils to earn higher grades in all of their subjects. Our writing tutors are experienced in assisting young people develop excellent written communication abilities. Whenever a child has the knowledge to carry out their school work with clear writing, using correct spelling and grammar, their grades will surely improve. Our tested system guarantees these results.


Advanced Placement Tutoring and College Prep

Students participating in an Advanced Placement or College Prep program will certainly benefit from our Advanced Essay Writing course. This program is particularly useful for high school seniors prepping for college entry exams, taking Advance Placement programs or just starting their college studies.


Phonics and Vocabulary Building

Creating a useful vocabulary is an important step when your child is learning how to read and write. Above Grade Level’s comprehensive language tutoring helps your boy or girl develop a sound vocabulary.


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