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Student receiving advanced placement tutoring.

Accomplished or gifted children may frequently find their classroom studies frustrating. Due to their highly developed knowledge and understanding, which can exceed the average lessons of their school room, learning can easily become dull and boring for the student. Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring has created Advanced Placement tutoring courses, in addition to our unique enrichment programs for these gifted students. Proficient and gifted students benefit from being challenged in their classes with more advanced and complicated studies. Quite often the skilled student under-performs and loses interest for the simple reason that they are bored with the classroom teachings that are tailored to the needs of the average student.


Above Grade Level Free Skill Level Evaluation

To help parents identify the best course of action to help their gifted girl or boy, we have developed a very special student consultation. Our free of charge, detailed evaluation, provides us with a standard of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We use the evaluation’s final results to construct a distinct and unique enrichment course that is both challenging and satisfying to the skilled student.


Above Grade Level’s Tutoring and Enrichment Courses

Above Grade Level’s tutoring and enrichment programs are designed to add in-depth studies to supplement the student’s current classwork. These distinct methods propel the capable student on into more challenging and rewarding fields of study. Our unique variety of instruction tools and materials have been established using our more than 25 years of experience in education and learning. This outstanding knowledge and experience empowers us to identify the enrichment elements that will guarantee great results for every child.


High School Students Gain From AP Exam Prep

Many high schools promote Advanced Placement courses for skilled and gifted students. If you have a high school student entering their school’s Advanced Placement class, call Above Grade Level In-Home Tutoring. We are able to help you determine which option best matches your child’s unique needs. High school students taking Advanced Placement courses will certainly gain an advantage from our tutoring method in Advanced Placement topics. Each and every enrichment program we deliver is intended to ensure that your child earns the best score they are able on the AP exam and earns the college credit that they desire. Our skilled tutors work closely with the AP subject matter to ensure the student’s success.


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