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The in-home tutors in Tolland and Hartford Counties that Above Grade Level provides are all professionals that are highly qualified in math concepts, English, and various other scholastic subject matters. Our programs are expertly-developed and documented.  These courses are so successful that we guarantee your child’s grade will raise, at the very least, by one whole grade level or ten percentage points. Our proven curriculum, and one-to-one attention to your child, are the key reasons why we can guarantee these kinds of outcomes.

Our in home tutors guarantee.


The Above Grade Level tutoring system, together with our materials, were developed using an international team of education specialists. The information is regularly updated and improved to ensure that each student receives the most efficient instruction possible. Whether or not your son or daughter is a struggling student, on track with peers, or a gifted student searching for more of a challenge, we have individualized methods designed to fulfill their needs.


Our Guarantee: With our home tutoring, your child will improve at least one full grade level or 10 percentage points in mathematics or English after 35 tutoring sessions* or we’ll provide 15 additional hours at no further cost.


*The tutoring sessions must be completed in a timely manner and as prescribed by the individualized learning program developed for your child. Results are based on the initial and follow-up evaluations done by Above Grade Level.
To learn more about our tutoring guarantee, call us today at 860-856-5669. Our goal is to help your child succeed in their scholastic endeavors. Contact us today and discover how home tutors can help them succeed.


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